Our Pony Bead Guide

Plastic Pony Beads are popular for many types of crafts, jewellery making projects, dummyclips, kandi crafts, children's crafts, decorations and bedazzling clothes and other accessories like bags, key chains and shoes. They can also be used for hair braiding. Our Pony Beads are lightweight, non-toxic and come in a variety of different colours, shapes and finishes. Most of our Pony Beads are manufactured in the USA, with each item clearly marked with the country of origin for your own peace of mind.



Most of our pack of beads are sold by an average quantity of beads, but we pack them by weight. We also try to add an extra bead or two as each different finish of bead may have slight weight variances and we also get the odd broken beads.

Each item will indicate the number of beads in the pack.

Item Sold in Approx. Weight
Standard 9x6mm Barrels 200 Beads 125 Grams
Mini 6.5x4mm Barrels 1000 Beads 100 Grams
12x10mm Hearts 250 Beads 120 Grams
13x10mm Butterflies 250 Beads 120 Grams
13mm Stars 250 Beads 120 Grams
13mm Flowers 250 Beads 115 Grams
20-25mm Novelty Shapes 24 Beads 24 Beads
11mm Skulls 150 Beads 66 Grams


Our beads are all measured in millimeters (mm), which is a metric form of measurement used by most bead manufacturers;
Standard Barrels are 9mm wide and 6mm high with a 4mm hole
Our Small Shapes are 12-13mm in size, these too have a 4mm hole
Our Novelty Shapes vary between 20mm and 25mm and these have a 4mm hole  
Every item on our website will show the bead size and hole size in the Product Details tab  


Shapes is where SuperBeads can make the difference to your craft or jewelry project, with one of the best selections available on-line. We have three sections on the website; Barrels, Small Shapes and Novelty Shapes, below you will find the details of each;
Barrels, available in 3 sizes, Standard 9x6mm, Mini 6.5x4mm and Large 11x8mm
Small Shapes, Hearts, Stars, Butterflies and Flowers all 12-13mm with a 4mm hole  
Novelty Shapes, Animals galore, Cars, Trains, Angels, Snowmen, the list is extensive, these vary from 20mm to 25mm, but all with a 4mm hole.
We have such a large selection of different Novelty Shapes, we had to list them in their own section called The Beadery Shapes


Opaque is the most popular finish for Pony Beads, in which we have a huge selection of Barrels, Mini Barrels, Hearts, Stars, Butterflies and Flowers. This finish is of a smooth and shiny appearance. 
An attractive pearlescent finish which shimmers in the light, available in a choice of the standard colours and  fashion range
A finish in strong colours but with a see through quality, shiny and bold.
A variation of the transparent finish but with added glitter into the bead to produce this wonderful sparkly finish.
Not actually neon beads, but a term which indicates the colours are strong and bold, finished in a opaque smooth and shiny surface.
A dulled or ashed type of finish with strong colors but textured to the touch coating to produce this interesting finish that will add variation to any jewellery piece.
The clear Night Glow colour will actually glow in the dark, whereas the other colors are stunningly bold colors which complement the Night Glow.
Based on the Matte finish and then additional colours added to give the appearance of an aged bead. Also available on some of the opaque finishes where multiple colours are used, like our white & pink marine animals.


On all our products we indicate the country of origin, this is to enable you to make an informed choice about which beads you buy.
Most of our beads are manufacturer in the US and where they are from the same supplier, like The Beadery, the colour shade and sizes are typically consistent across the range of beads. The US made beads also offer a better standard of finish and meet the required standards for safety.
Beads made in China are purchased from various suppliers, who in turn will have them manufactured in various plants, all this means that there will always be variants to the colours, shades, finishes and most importantly the size. Although the standard barrels are 9x6mm, you will find China made ones varying from 8.6mm to 9.4mm and 5.6mm to 6.4mm.
As with the China made products,with the Taiwan made ones we also face the same issues with shades, colours and sizes.